Nine out of our ten classrooms have set up a Blogg. Room 3 has individual students working on bloggs and they have had many from other countries (reports from cluster maps and hit counters). Other rooms also have individual students working on Boggs. Brenda has a slide show on her class blogg. Photos and work samples continually put on my all classes. Voki and questionairs. Generally feeling of success.

Tutpup introduced and received enthusiastically by all participants. Focus on maths and spelling.

Expo - Mark Treadwell challenged the listeners. Don't introduced concepts too soon. When is too soon?
Hearing what others school had done and introduced. Electronic book with photos, etc. (Tom would like to explore this idea) Pod casting - Tom looking into this further, possible putting onto bloggs (eg; big books). Generally motivational - it is achievable. Tom joined up to flickr through expo.

Animation with individual children to motivate aspects of learning. (Room 2)

Comic life used for assessment of D to P unit. (Room 1) Its a tool not because we used it for ICT.
Comic life to display children work with verbal comments in a speech bubble. Comic life used to make book - pictures of children with their captions (Room 5). Photos demonstrating what children have achieved -displayed on walls, in bloggs and in portfolios. Newspaper developed on the computer (Room 3)