New Curriculum
There are a number of great resources available to support the implementation of the new curriculum. Your first stop should be to the New Curriculum website on TKI.
New_Curriculum.pngOn this site you will find:
The New Zealand Curriculum
Implementation project overview
Implementation resources
Implementation packs for schools
New notices
Support for schools
Digital stories
Student views
Parents, caregivers, and whānau
Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
Links to Ministry strategies

CORE Education also have a wiki set up around the theme of Curriculum for when they run workshops.
Reflective Activity Based on the 12 Components Story
The 12 Components
14 Factors
The 12 Components and 14 Factors Compared
5 Areas of Curriculum
Vision, Principles & Values
Effective Pedagogy
Key Competencies
Learning Areas
Curriculum Design
Where to Now

Here are some resources I have gathered together on inquiry teaching. Please add your own.

"Inquiry is a dynamic process of being open to wonder and puzzlement and coming to know and understand the world. As such, it is a stance that pervades all aspects of life and is essential to the way in which knowledge is created. Inquiry is based on the belief that understanding is constructed in the process of people working and conversing together as they pose and solve the problems, make discoveries and rigorously testing the discoveries that arise in the course of shared activity."
Galileo Website
"Inquiry is a dynamic approach to learning that involves exploring the world, asking questions, making discoveries, and rigorously testing those discoveries in the search for new understanding. However, inquiry is a tough concept to pin down. It is complex, multifaceted, and looks different in different classrooms and contexts."
Inquiry Learning Forum website
Kath Murdoch and Inquiry
An Explanation of Kath Murdoch's Model and supporting resources
Department of Education - Tasmania
This site has a great summary of the Inquiry Approach that includes examples of units, planning, planning formats, ideas, etc. This site is well worth a look and keeping for future reference. The Tasmanian education reforms are following along very similar lines to those in NZ. This site is from the Tasmanian equivalent of our MoE and has good summaries of a lot of things that are useful to inform our developments as well.

What makes a good inquiry unit - according to Kath Murdoch (from Greg Carrol's blog)

Kath Murdoch, whose Inquiry Model has been adopted, adapted and modified by many schools and ICT PD Clusters as part of their programme/s has been interviewed by the Curriculum Corporation in Australia. This short and simple article gives a good summary of what she considers are the key components of a good Inquiry Unit.
  • Focus on big ideas
  • Shared purpose and engagement
  • gathering information from direct experience ...
  • learning is purposeful
A number of reflective questions are posed that are good prompts to think about when planning a quality Inquiry (or I would argue ANY) unit.
There is also a great article about Student Independent Learning from Kath Murdoch and Jeni Wilson.
Jane Nichols attended a workshop with Kath Murdoch and wrote two detailed and useful blog entries about inquiry - Part One and Part Two

Sharon Frieson and Inquiry
Sharon Frieson is the head of the Galileo Foundation in Canada which is known for the strength of its inquiry approach. She ran a post-conference workshop after ULearn last year that was brilliant. She has a wiki set up with all the resources for her workshop including inquiry assessment rubrics, her powerpoint presentation and a host of other useful bits and pieces.

Inquiry Links
Concept to Classroom
This website is packed with information about inquiry learning and well worth a read.
The Inquiry Page
Another useful site about inquiry with general information and a look at the importance of dialogue
Connect: Inquiry Learning
A website that looks at how six different teachers work with inquiry. It looks at how to facilitate it and the power of questioning.
Galileo Educational Network Association
Very well known for their work in inquiry. An excellent site to get information about inquiry.
Inquiry in Science
This e-book has a lot of good information on the inquiry process in relation to science.
Southbridge School
This school in New Zealand is known for having an excellent inquiry model. Here is a link to their website where they explain their approach to inquiry.

Inquiring Mind

Jan-Marie Kellow's website which has information and links relating to inquiry and to how ICT supports inquiry.

Inquiry Downloads

This Powerpoint was presented at Learning@School by Jan-Marie Kellow and is all about using ICT for inquiry.
external image type_none.gifUlearnInquiryICTEfellowNoteswb2.ppt

Inquiry Model Diagrams
external image Southbridge.pngexternal image Question%20mark%20Inquiry.gif